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I'd like to start by saying, "Hello and welcome to my official website...thanks for stopping by!"
Shawn with a wild Burmese python in FloridaI've built this website as a portal into what I do and who I am. Hopefully, by sharing these things with you, and my travels, I can educate even more people about my passions...Exploration, Wildlife and Conservation and the study and educating of people about venomous/dangerous species that are feared, persecuted and maligned!

On TV I have been featured in P
BS Nature's Python Invasion, the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, Smithsonian Channel's Titaniboa, Time Magazine, Time Magazine for Kids, National Geographic and host of Nat Geo WILD's The Python Hunters.

I have a Masters Degree in Conservation Biology/Marine Biology that I received by studying an invasive frog species...don't ask it Henry Rollins, Shawn Heflick & Brady Barris a crazy story! Since then I have traveled the world, exploring untamed places and sharing those adventures with magnificent people and truly spectacular wildlife. Some highlights have been cavorting with cobras in SE Asia, capturing legendary Bushmasters in the Amazon, collecting sea snakes, extracting their venom and getting stung by a BOX JELLYFISH in Australia, diving with Great Whites in South Africa, roaming the hills of the Komodo Islands with Dragons, wrangling giant Green Anaconda in the Amazon, staying alive around Saltwater Crocodiles in Borneo and elephant back excitement in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Sumatra. I could go on but, I'd rather share them with you in this website.

I hope to keep you updated through this site, my wild life permitting, with journal entries, upcoming events, current projects and wild pictures! Whether you’re a seasoned biologist, explorer or a wildlife enthusiast, I hope you come back and check in from time to time. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to send me a note...if I am in civilization I will try and respond!

Lastly…don’t forget to follow me on Facebook.

Hope to see you in the WILD!


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Watch Python Invasion on PBS Nature!
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