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www.ArtByEvolution.com Your #1 source for high quality skull & skeletal preperations!

I was always intrigued by the bones of vertebrate animals and how they served as a kind of biological scaffolding on which these animals were built. I Seahorse skeleton from www.ArtByEvolution.comgrew up teaching myself about thePirahna Skull from www.ArtByEvolution.com morphology of animals that I found in the woods and fields around my home. Later in life it became an art form where I not only re-assembled skeletons in natural positions, but I also created fantasy creatures such as dragons by combining the skeletal elements of several different animals. I have produced skeletal mounts for museums, scientists, schools, educators, zoos, and private individuals from around the world. I have also provided preps for National Geographic, PBS Nature, Discovery, and the movies Spiderman 3 and Transformers 2.

The two pictures above are of a Seahorse skeleton and a Pirahna skull. The two below are a Fantasy Dragon skeleton and a Veiled Chameleon skeleton.

Dragon skeleton from www.ArtByEvolution.com

Veiled Chameleon skeleton from www.ArtByEvolution.com
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