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As an explorer and conservation biologist, I have enjoyed working and interacting with wildlife and wild people, as well as immersing myself into wild places around the globe. My insights into conservation are developed from over a decade and a half of first-hand knowledge that I have gathered while on the ground in remote locations such as the Amazon Basin, Namibia, Botswana, Costa Rica, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Borneo, Sumatra and many more.

I have a passion for sharing these experiences with audiences and have spoken to fellow biologists, zoological institutes, conservation NGOs, universities and secondary schools. Besides my adventures in the wild as a field biologist, I am also able to utilize my experience as a zoo curator whenever I give a talk. My infective passion and jovial style make these presentations both enlightening and entertaining, and are powerful catalysts for student audiences. My stories will both enthrall and teach you at the same time.

Presentation Topics

Wild About Life
Take a wild journey with Shawn as he shares his life from a farm boy to an adventurer, biologist and National Geographic WILD Television Host. This motivating and inspiring lecture is particularly well suited to students.

Reptiles He has Known and Loved
Enter into Shawn's world of reptiles as he relives his globe trekking around the planet for cobras, vipers, giant constrictors, crocodiles, Komodo Dragons and more.

Expedition Amazon
Journey into the Amazon as Shawn shares his 15+ years experiences in the Amazon Basin with his pictures, tragedies, stories and love for the rainforest.

Expedition Africa
Share the awe inspiring experiences and beautiful pictures from Shawn's trips to Africa. A life changing experience for Shawn...and possibly for the audience as well.

Conservation: The Ultimate Expedition
Shawn explores the wildlife, wild places, and humankind's link to it all...as well as the vital role we can all play in protecting our planet.

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  The Python Hunters on Nat Geo WILD
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Watch Python Invasion on PBS Nature!
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