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[4-29-2011] Python Hunter Shawn Heflick handles a Puerto Rican boa (Sawormfarming.co.za)

[4-28-2011] ‘Python Hunters’ returns for season two with Brevard expert (OrlandoSentinel.com)

[2010-2011] Herpetologist Shawn Heflick Answers Your Questions (PBS)

[3-31-2011] Snake Wrangler Details the Art of Capturing a Cobra (WNYC)

[2-8-2011] Pythons survive cold better than expected in Everglades (Tampa Bay Online)

[2010] About Python Hunters (National Geographic Channel)

[2010] About Python Hunters (National Geographic Channel UK)

[2010] Invasion of The Giant Pythons Production Biographies (Nature)

[7-8-2010] Mancow Is Back (TRN)

[4-17-2010] Florida Hunting Season Yields No Pythons (Boston.com)

[3-24-2010] Everglades Python deaths fuel debate over snake-control plans (8th Street Gang Hunt Club)

[3-23-2010] Shawn's Testimony before House Subcommittees (USARK.org)

[3-8-2010] Monthlong Florida Python-Hunt Begins (CBSNews.com)

[2-22-2010] Nat Geo Explorers Coming To ZOObilee (Greater Naples CoC)

[2-18-2010] Nature: Invasion of the Giant Pythons (KPBS)

[2-16-2010] Animal TV shows coming back (HonoluluAdvertiser.com)

[12-25-2009] Facts about Burmese Pythons and other Reptiles of Concern (Reptile Clan Rescue)

[12-20-2009] Snakes to get the boot? Ban on constrictors inching towards vote (NWFDailyNews.com)

[9-9-2009] Legislators seek tougher law about exotic snakes (Orlando Sentinal)

[9-4-2009] The Hunt For Pythons (Time For Kids Vol. 15, Iss. 1)

[8-10-2009] Postcard From The Everglades (Time)

[8-5-2009] Putting the squeeze on snakes (Fort Meyers Florida Weekly)

[7-26-2009] Money Python: Hunters seek deadly snake in Everglades for kills, not dollar bills (MarcoNews.com)

[7-20-2009] Burmese Python first catch of Florida permit program (The Outdoor Wire)

[7-18-2009] First day of Florida's Python war snags its first prey in the Everglades (PalmBeachPost.com)

[7-17-2009] Python hunt in Everglades Begins (Local10.com)

[7-17-2009] On the prowl: Team begins hunt to stop Python spread (SunSentinel.com)

[7-17-2009] Off to the hunt: Python stalkers catch 9-foot snake after Everglades news conference (PalmBeachPost.com)

[7-17-2009] Local hunter bags 10-foot Python (clickorlando.com)

[7-17-2009] Hunting begins in Everglades for Pythons (WFTV.com)

[7-17-2009] Giant Burmese python caught in Florida's eradication program (Environment News Service)

[7-17-2009] 10-Footer caught on first day of Python hunt (TheLedger.com)

[7-16-2009] State issuing permits to hunt Pythons in Everglades (MarcoNews.com)

[7-16-2009] Reptile specialists begin today seeking Pythons in Florida wilds (TCPalm.com)

[7-2009] 9-Foot Burmese Python On First Day of Florida Extermination Program

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[1-5-2011] WILD About Snakes panel (DayLife) {1 image}

[1-5-2011] 2011 Winter TCA Tour - Day 1 (Life) {1 image}

[1-5-2011] Shawn Heflick & Dr. Brady Barr Photostream (Zimbio) {5 images}

[2011] Nature Untamed: Python Wars (National Geographic) {8 images}

[2010] Shawn, Greg & Mike (Cineflix Productions) {6 images}

[2-22-2010] Florida Trains Hunters In Python Eradication (Life) {3 images}

[1-13-2010] Invasion of The Giant Pythons (Flickr) {6 images}

[8-2009] Burmese Python Removal Program (FWC) {2 images}

[8-2009] 9-Foot Burmese Python (FWC) {3 images}

[7-25-2009] Hunting For Pythons (MarcoNews.com) {15 images}

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